Polarized Lenses

400 UV protection & scratch resistant.  Instead of just darkening the outside world, polarized lenses actually reduce glare by allowing only vertical light waves to pass through. Athletes, fishermen, photographers and drivers use them because the glare reduction increases contrast, making distant objects more distinct.

100% Bamboo Temples/Sides

The best bamboo for your buck and stained to perfection, stamped with the Tints logo outside, #livefortheweekend on the inside. The Tints team chose Bamboo temples for three reasons: Comfort, Style, and Re-usability.  They're light, durable, and look like no other glasses out there.

Spring Loaded Hinges

But not too springy.  They're durable, they're flexible, they're dependable, they're everything you've ever wanted in a hinge. Our metal, spring loaded hinges offer better protection against daily wear and accidental damage.  No half open, eye jabbing accidents here.