We live for the times that become stories, the parties you never forget and above all: The Weekend. For us, the weekend isn’t dictated by the calendar. It’s about catching rays, going big and enjoying the moment. Tints were made for this: to take a risk, ditch work and play hard. They’re the last thing you put on before you do something epic. Don’t hold back, get out, and Show Off Your Tints.

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  • Wheaton Photo Shoot

    Out With Sticks

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQoZHJTOCTk   Saturday afternoon the tints team got together with some of the Wheaton Lax guys to throw around and get a few pictures. Harry’s teammates were hilarious,striking any pose for a good pic. They know what it means to live for the weekend. Special thanks to Nico Falla for stepping up and taking the […]

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Here at Tints the Weekend comes every day. We love what we do. And we are looking for more people who are excited about sunglasses and sales to join our team. If you Live for the Weekend and like business then this is the perfect opportunity for you. You’ll get to join the team, throw Tints events and spread the Weekend word. Oh, and you’ll get paid too.

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  • Two Unique Programs

    • Campus Rep: Earn cash, have fun, and represent Tints on your campus.  We’ll give you all the tools you need, including a Credit Card swiper for you smart phone and 22 pairs to get you started – 2 of which are free for you to keep.
    • Brand Ambassador:  Get 2 free pairs of glasses and a promo code to give out on campus.  Share photos, spread the word and earn free gear.
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